Earth To Table

Mint Flavour


A few drops is all it takes to flavour anything from raw treats, baked goods, shaved ice, tea, coffee, drinks, ice cream, desserts and smoothies. Try a drop or two in your drinking water with ice for a refreshing gourmet treat!
They also work well for scenting massage oils or lotions, balms, bath oils, soaps and candles.

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I have used Medicine Flower Genuine Flavours  since their introduction in 2008.  They have recently added new products and made some changes. This flavour is part of the new Silver Flavour Line.
This is made using highly concentrated, all natural plant derived active constituents in an alcohol base.  These flavours are food grade and excellent for use in culinary, scent and cosmetic applications. Water and oil soluble, they are highly concentrated and do not contain any colorants, artificial preservatives, proteins, carbohydrates, sugar, lactose, calories and are wheat, corn and gluten free.

Biobased vegetable derived PG, natural flavor


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