My Raw Journey

Having always been into fitness and nutrition and having a sister who was just diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, I decided to experiment with making healthier desserts and this led me to playing around with beautiful, raw and vegan creations. In turn, this set me off down the raw food path in my life as a whole.
After a few months of experimenting on a raw vegan diet, I became totally convinced of the power of fresh fruits and vegetables. At the time of transitioning to this lifestyle, I thought I was already eating well and feeling good, however adopting raw foods elevated me to a new level of wellness!
I experienced increased focus, a burst in mental clarity and a reduction in inflammation in the body. These changes had a ripple effect, both on how I felt and looked. People started to comment on how my skin was glowing and my energy levels were sky-high.

Perhaps the best way to sum it up was an overall sensation of euphoria. Now I had discovered the powerful results of knowing how to maximise nutrition in every meal, whilst still revelling in the delicious pleasure of preparing and eating clean, living foods, I knew I needed to share with as many people as possible so they too could reap the positive impact of this lifestyle.

The effects on both my body and mind were so overwhelming that I decided to travel to the USA in order to learn more about raw vegan cooking and be totally submerged into it. I began to do in depth work into the art of “un-cooking” and studied at some of the most prestigious raw food establishments in the world, under the wing of internationally renowned raw food chefs.
This was in 2006 so the raw food movement had yet to take off in Australia. I brought back much of what I had learnt and wanted to share my knowledge and passion of raw food and inspire others, so I started teaching what I knew about the incredible world of raw food preparation and nutrition.


In 2012, I created the Earth to Table café – mostly as an experiment! I could see that there was a huge gap in the Sydney market at this time for organic, raw vegan food. Having lived and breathed the raw food path for 15 years, I excitedly embarked on creating the Earth to Table cafe where I could enable people to enjoy the cuisine and lifestyle that I was thriving on. The ethos of the cafe embodied everything I felt strongly about and is encapsulated within the famous Earth to Table ‘tree manifesto’.

The cafe quickly evolved into a bustling wellness hub and magical haven of good energy and delicious food that was infused with love. It was a place where people from all walks of life and stages of their health journey could hang out without judgement. I am incredibly proud of the community that this cosy, bright raw food environment fostered.

Every drink, meal and dessert we served up was handmade with pure ingredients and pure intentions, from the fresh and creamy almond milk, to the raw ice-cream, breads, nut cheeses and famous raw vegan cheezecakes in myriad flavours, to the main dishes, like our famous Shepard’s Pie and Zucchini Alfredo, we used nature’s bounty of rainbow produce and wholefood ingredients. Food was created, plated and enjoyed with love.

Walk-in customers quickly became regulars, greeting our team and one another with a warm smile when they stepped foot in the door. They could really feel the energy in the food and this – as well as the sensory pleasure of it – kept them coming back for more and spreading the word by sharing their living food experience with others.

Fast forward 6 years later to where I decided it was time to empower people in a different way. I wanted give everyone and anyone the knowledge and tools to easily make this life changing food for themselves.

As a professional chef and advocate for holistic wellbeing and conscious eating, my number one priority is the health and happiness of my customers and taking care of this precious planet we live on.

I am passionate about creating foods that will help improve your overall state of wellness and enhance your lifestyle, whilst not compromising on taste, sacrificing too much of your time, and minimising impact on the environment. I strive to make all recipes as sustainable as possible, generating a lower carbon footprint and supporting local farmers. My goal is to help you reconnect with your body and nature through food, whilst offering science-based evidence to guide you towards your ultimate wellness goals.

No matter where you find yourself as your read this – perhaps you simply want to add healthier options to your diet, or maybe you are ready to go full throttle with the raw living lifestyle – you will find no prejudice, judgements or prerequisites. I am dedicated to sharing this philosophy and recipes that upholds it to ultimately have a positive impact on your life and the planet. I would love for you to join me on this mission.

I believe this to be the future of food.

Let’s eat for pleasure. Let’s eat to be happy, healthy and beautiful. Let’s eat for the love of nature and this planet.