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SUPERCELLS SUPER STRENGTH HYDROGEN is a carefully blended formula for optimum creation of hydrogen rich water. As the effervescent tablet reacts with water, millions of tiny hydrogen bubbles infuse and saturate the water, making it the most efficient hydration and hydrogen delivery system available.
Over 1,200 scientific studies have shown molecular hydrogen to have therapeutic effects across 170 diseases and every human organ. Molecular hydrogen acts like a powerful antioxidant, supports cognitive health and athletic performance, promotes a healthy metabolism and helps to activate your body's natural detox system.
This hydrogen uses a special grade of pure elemental magnesium as its carrier, providing you with approximately 80mg per tablet. So, you receive not only a highly concentrated dose of hydrogen in every serve, you’ll also receive bioavailable magnesium, which is known to support healthy cells and organs.
No tablet alternative comes close in terms of saturation of hydrogen or efficiency. 


Magnesium (80mg), Dextrose, D Malic Acid, Adipic Acid, Tartaric Acid, Sodium Stearyl Fumarate.

How to use
  1. Drop 1 serve into 250ml-500ml of water and wait approximately 2 minutes to dissolve.

  2. Consume immediately whilst water is still cloudy.

Please note, if you wait for the hydrogen water to become clear, the concentration of hydrogen is reduced from approximately 14.0ppm to 2.0ppm. A therapeutic dose of hydrogen is anything above 1.0ppm.

Suggested Use: 2 serves per day. One taken first thing in the morning and the second if you feel low energy in the afternoon. For assistance with sleep hygiene, take a serve of hydrogen prior to dinner, or 1.5 hours after food. Always take on an empty stomach.

Note: Due to the quality magnesium included in the tablets, a thin film may appear at the water’s surface. This is safe to drink.

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