Green Goddess Balls

These treats are balls of goodness. What we truly love about them is that they are naturally sweetened with goji berries and stevia which makes them very low glycaemic index. They also provide an abundance of healthy fats, anti-oxidants and fibre which means you can enjoy one or two of these daily without any guilt!

Inside Out Beauty Benefits

  • Hemp Seeds are the “perfect protein” not only containing all 20 amino acids, but also each of the nine essential amino acids that our bodies cannot produce. They are rich in soluble and un-soluble fibre which naturally cleanses the colon and reduces sugar cravings. Hemp seeds also have the perfect Omega 6 to Omega 3 ratio making them wonderful for soothing inflammatory skin conditions.
  • Goji berries are an abundant source of beta carotene which helps to promote healthy skin.
  • Cinnamon is super rich in antioxidants and has a blood sugar lowering effect making it perfect for fighting insulin resistance.
  • Tahini is rich in calcium which is stored in the epidermis and regulates the how quickly skin cells turnover. Skin that does not have enough calcium stored may appear weak and fragile.
  • Maca is an adaptogenic herb which assists the body in adapting to stress, improves energy and balances hormones, in particular progesterone.

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