Raw Food 101

Where do I start? How  much raw is good to start with? These are common questions I often get asked. Read my post below for more information on how to get started.

You don’t need to be “100% raw” to experience the benefits of incorporating more raw foods into your diet. Different levels of raw are right for every person and whilst any addition of raw food will be beneficial, try to aim for a diet compromised of 50% raw foods to feel and see a notable difference. 

If you simply add a smoothie to your morning routine and a salad for lunch then you are two thirds of the way there already!

Many people choose to go 100% raw for a period of time as a way to detox or heal a health condition. Others may choose an 80/20 split- a diet that’s mostly raw and the rest made up of wholefoods. It is really a personal choice, but there is no denying that the more raw foods you add to your diet the better you will feel. Everyone has different nutritional needs so there are no hard and fast rules. Over time you will learn to be in tune with your body’s needs and what degree of raw makes you thrive. Taking care of your health is the best insurance you have to thrive.

Try adding raw foods wherever you can and only as much as you are comfortable with. Going 100% raw overnight can create a very rapid detoxing effect on your body.  Headaches, irritability, fatigue are common symptoms if your diet changes faster than your body can adjust to it. 

The core goal is to eat sensibly and to give your body the best quality food you can for the ultimate in health and wellbeing. Taking the first step towards vibrant living is easier than you think. It’s a profound way of taking responsibility of your own wellbeing particularly in these precarious times. This back to nature approach to eating provides more life to our body, mind and spirit and enables us to fully appreciate the gift of being alive.

Some other important keys to keep in mind are pure water, sleep, exercise, stress management, laughter and love! 

Embarking on a major life change can be exciting and also nerve wracking. Many questions can run through your mind such as:  What will I eat? Raw salads are boring! Will I ever be able to eat out?

The good news is there is a big wide world of delicious food to enjoy with no cooking needed! One of the best perks of this lifestyle is exploring new foods and finding creative ways to prepare old favourites. 

A key factor to a raw lifestyle is being prepared at home. Make sure you have plenty of fresh produce and plant based staples on hand. Find your local farmers market and stock up on fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables. 

Step 1. Clean out your pantry of processed foods. If you can’t pronounce an ingredient it’s usually not a good sign. 

Step 2. Buying in bulk is a great way to stock your pantry and also save on money and excess plastic. There are so many bulk food stores around these days which makes it an easy, sustainable and cost effective way to stock your pantry. 

Step 3. Make a point of trying new foods and recipes and over time replacing less healthy meals with new raw favourites.

You may find a new favourite adventure is checking out the local farmers market or health food store. I know it’s definitely mine especially when travelling. 

Dare to try something new each week and let your tastebuds experience new sensations. 

Most importantly have fun discovering new ways to nourish your body. 

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