Five Raw Food Tips for Glowing Skin

The saying “You are what you eat” is thrown around lightly but actually, it has real grass roots! It was written by German physiologist Anthelme Brillat-Bravarin in 1826 but was introduced into the English language in the 1920’s by nutritionist Victor Lindlahr. The saying itself is very true simply because the body, like a machine, needs good fuel to function well. Feed it with constant grease, fat, sugar and starch and it won’t perform well, neither will it look good. Your organs, including your skin (the biggest of all organs), need good quality food and actually, the first thing you notice when you don’t eat well is how your skin reacts. It’s no surprise that your skin is a good indicator as to how healthy you are. People remark on whether you look tired, unwell or run down according to how your skin looks. When it’s grey or sallow, it’s either down to being unwell or because you’re just not looking after yourself well enough! When it’s spotty, it’s more than likely because it’s over-producing sebum (the skin’s natural oil) because it’s cluttered up with excess grease from fatty food.

Of course, we’re all about the very best quality skincare you could possibly use on your skin and we’re advocates of clean living, natural ingredients and a vegan lifestyle.. The only way to make your skin look fabulous is by using natural goodness comprising of vitamins, minerals and compounds that come from fruit, plants and herbs. To improve the look of your skin further, you could simply eat better! The right types of foods will cleanse your body and your complexion will also reap the benefits. You’ll notice it’s clearer, brighter and has a plumper, smoother texture. You’ll also notice better hair, stronger nails and eyes that shine!

Here are five raw food tips for healthier skin to add to your shopping basket:

Mango is rich in vitamin C which is a natural anti-aging ingredient. Together with its Beta Carotene content, it fights off wrinkles and fine lines as it encourages cell regeneration along with stimulating collagen growth. Naturally hydrating too, mango is really juicy so helps to plump, firm and restore a younger looking complexion.

Delicious, nourishing and skin-enhancing blueberries are fabulous for a glowing skin. They are full of health benefits. Not only are they another fruit rich in vitamin C, they are natural anti-oxidants and give the skin an extra layer of armour against free radical attack as they are a source of flavonoids (free radicals are smoke fumes, industrial fumes, sun damage for example). They promote cell renewal and protect against skin cell damage so encourage youthfulness. Add them to your vegan cereal in the morning or snack on them during the day.

For acne-prone skin, try upping your intake of tomatoes because they contain Lycopene. This is the natural chemical that makes tomatoes appear red and there are some studies that say it might lower the acne producing hormone. Lycopene is also good at fighting off UV rays (never substitute for sunscreen though!) so it’s a great skin protectant when it comes to fighting off the sun. In fact, most fruit and vegetables that are red or orange help the skin to boost its anti-oxidant levels.

Buckwheat (activated)
Buckwheat is one of the best raw foods you can eat for healthy skin. It is rich in rutin as well as vitamin B and a natural flavonoid. It works hard to fight of the sun’s harmful rays, protecting it by halting free radicals. Rutin also boosts the circulation of blood helping the skin to glow with good health. Additionally, the polyunsaturated fatty acids found in buckwheat are excellent at promoting elasticity in the skin.

An excellent source of Vitamin E, the most powerful of all anti-oxidants, not only are walnuts good for promoting a glowing complexion, they can also help to boost your immune system. Walnuts contain omega 3 fatty acids too, these help to keep cell membranes nice and strong. Add a small handful of walnuts every day to your diet and see how your skin glows.

Why not try to combine a well-thought out eating plan consisting of raw foods and vegan foods with pure skincare so your skin will look gloriously youthful and glowing with good health.


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