Earth to Table has been Created as an Expression of our World of Abundance.

Our food is created using the finest organic ingredients, honouring our environment and ourselves. Our food is raw which means it has not been heat processed and is teeming with vitality. It is also gluten free, wheat free, dairy free and sugar free, consistent with our philosophy of only serving food in its pure state.

We support local farmers, sustainable agriculture and environmentally friendly products.
Our food is prepared with love and we invite you to share our enjoyment of being nourished with whole and pure food.

Earth to Table x.

The Earth to Table Mission

To spread conscious eating for our health and the environment, by incorporating leading edge scientific findings and the finest ingredients and culinary creativity. We have created a unique way of incorporating living, unprocessed, nutritiously-potent, organic whole foods into your diet in a very convenient form – fit for today’s busy lifestyles.

Earth to Table epitomizes the best that food has to offer. Our organic live food is rejuvenating, life-enhancing, anti-ageing, enzyme and nutrient-rich, detoxifying and outrageously delicious.

Designed to leave you feeling energized and empowered, it is definitely food to live for

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What’s on at Earth to Table

Our staff are taking a much needed break we will return on the 17th January with more awesome nourishing raw plant based goodness!!!

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